Premiere Performance – Nezabudka

nezabudka program Ila print PDF

Nezabudka is the Ukranian name for the Forget Me Not flower. This premier Six for Twelve production is the introduction of the new American Folklore. Tonight, we explore the balance of good and evil, and how it effects the earth in its entirety. Forget not the importance of balance.
Nezabudka was the premier of 6 for 12 Productions in August of 2009. This original production enveloped the total of Colorado College’s beautiful Cornerstone building taking advantage of the awesome acoustics throughout the lobby and the vast selection of state of the art lighting.

Cast and Character List:
Good & Evil – Mary Ripper Baker & Kim Davagian
Air –  Posy Knight
Earth – Peter Strand
Fire – Gwen Phillips
Water – Jen Viola
the Humans:
Paloma Platochek – Tierney Deal
Tasha Tishina – Trish Doyle-Stahl
Winnifred Waits – Shahri Edwards
Bobbie Bowie – Jessica Hightower
Olivia Oleg – Vanessa Jaramillo
Doreen Dodo – Venese Medovich
Samantha Spletni – Jessica Russ-Medovich
Sabastiana Shampaine Sinii – Shannon Moore
Petra Polyanka – Whitney Mugford
Toddd Tsigan – Tom Vinson

Iam Yew, the Anti-hero – Christian Medovich
Talia Lykitiz, the Narrator – Vivian Gail

Contact Us:
6 for 12 Productions on FaceBook


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