Trials and Tribulations of an A-Hole


An evening of original dance theatre produced by 6 for 12 Productions!

Ila Conoley Paladino, Christian Medovich, Jessica Russ Medovich, and Tiffany Tinsely Weeks come together to create and choreograph this alluring, dark tale of that a-hole that we all love to hate and hate to love.


CLICK HERE to watch the preview at Modbo<

Here’s the story:

Once upon a time there was an a-hole. This a-hole had a dutiful (yet self sabotaging) wife. His darling daughter unknowingly followed the family tradition and fell in love with another a-hole, much to the dismay of her mother. The a-hole’s best friend Tate alternated between egging the a-hole on and ashamedly turning a blind eye.

Our a-hole was the type of fellow to take a seat from a pregnant lady on the bus in the middle of July at high noon. He also might have been seen tripping other patrons on the way to their seats at the theatre and pinching the supple cheeks of any female within arms reach. This a-hole enjoyed dipping his diphthong in extramarital pools. He drank, far too much, and became an even bigger a-hole.

Despite the general rules of karma, payback was never a bitch. His bus fare was overlooked, he got the best seat in the house, women easily fell for the cut of his jib, and he was always finding an extra $20 bill in his pant pocket.

You probably know this storybook a-hole. He’s the neighbor whose dog craps in your yard, the man driving so slowly in the fast lane, the nasty husband of that sweet, sweet woman you want to &*%@. Will there ever be consequences? Will he ever get what’s coming?

The Trials and Tribulations of an A-Hole – August 8-10, at the Osborne studio theatre – be there or…be an a-hole.

“Trials and Tribulations of an A-Hole” is an adult-themed show. It was not created with children in mind. Bring your children at your own discretion and risk.

Cast & Character List:

A-Hole – Dustin Ordway
A-Hole’s Wife – Tiffany Tinsley Weeks
Daughter – Venese Medovich
the Boyfriend – David Foster
the A-Hole’s best friend, Tate – Lena Engelstein
Mother in Law – Ila M Conoley
Iam Yew (our antihero) – Christian Medovich
Narrator – Lauren Andrus
Butler – Trish Doyle-Stahl
Singing/Mobile Box Office – Kellie Amend aka Vivian Gail
Will Call – Vallen Medovich
Mistresses – Katy Mervich & Jessica Russ Medovich
Chorus – Trish Doyle-Stahl, Lena Engelstein, David Foster, Emily Gold, Megan Marie Lapatie, Jessica Russ Medovich, Katy Mervich, Sarah Tietje Sabin, Laura Hymers Treglia
And, FB!


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